Registering the Church  App

Where do I start?
1) Click HERE with your mobile device to download and install the Church App for your specific device (Apple or Google).
2) Once the Church App is installed on your device, launch the Church App and SELECT the 3 lines at the top:
3) SELECT Login or Sign Up:
4) SELECT Continue with Email to register your email (we do NOT recommend using Facebook):
5) ENTER (Type in) your email address & an 8-character password (Keep your password safe and REMEMBER it!):
6) SELECT Create an Account:
7) Complete the requested account information (NOTE: you do NOT want to change the password!):
8) You will be presented with the following screen:
9) Check your email and click on the Confirm email address button:
10) Log-in to the Church App & you are all set to communicate!

What now?
If you are part of a Small Group, a Bible study, an outreach, or a ministry here at CCH, your Group leader will send you an invite once you are registered.  You can then message with the group!
still have questions!!! Help!
  • I already provided the Church my email for the directory - why do I have to do it again? The CCH Church App is independent of the current Church directory. You will need to register the Church App as shown above to use it.
  • I registered but already forgot my password! We recommend putting your password somewhere safe, such as where you might keep your important information or better yet - a password vault if you're technically inclined.
  • My Group leader says that they sent me the invite, but I haven't gotten it!  This may happen for a few reasons: you've deleted the invite, it went to your SPAM folder if they sent it via email, etc. Simply check your email SPAM folder, and if it is not found there, please ask them to send it again.
  • It STILL isn't working! Contact support by clicking the button below and sending us a quick help request - we will get you taken care of as quickly as we can!